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September 22, 2014



So, the big question in our household is how are soju and shochu different? They are very similar words, and I would think they had a similar origin. Sophia had a bad experience with soju when she was younger and hasn't touched the stuff for decades.


He has a chapter explaining how soju is not distilled purely from rice and designed to be cheap using cheaper substitutes like yams and potatoes. It has a more neutral flavor similar to vodka and lacks the complex flavors of honkaku shochu They also skip some distilling processes to cut costs.


I see. I thought shochu was also made from a variety of ingredients, or is it always rice and maybe something else?


It seems that Korean soju isn't, but Japanese shochu is made from a variety of ingredients if you see the review above.


Well, according to Wikipedia it looks like pretty much anything goes as far as the ingredients of both liquors are concerned. I guess there must be something in the distillation process that is different. The names seem to mean the same thing - burned liquor.
I'm not a fan of either one mind you. Taste like how I imagine petrol to taste.

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