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November 09, 2013



You should really be writing something like this soon. Perhaps you could pitch it at a more useful level that would entice a wider audience to watch Japanese cinema.


I still feel like such a novice, although I have made great strides in the last two years. Teaching a class on Japanese film has inspired me to study more and has brought me closer to the subject in several ways.


I think you could pretty much cut and paste your blog posts from the last few years, touch up the wording a bit, add a few linking essay and voila, an accessible and personal book on Japanese cinema for the uninitiated. Perhaps you'd need a few more modern movies though - I'm noticing a lot of classics in your viewing habits.


I have written a couple of essays on Japanese films for academic journals... I suppose I am trying to catch up with the masters, but I do try to watch contemporary directors as well. For example, I just saw the first films of Hirokazu Koreda and Naomi Kawase, both of whom are contemporary festival favorites. I plan to see all of their films in the near future.

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