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April 20, 2013



Not that it's going to help you much, but being Welsh to the British is a bit like being Tasmanian or Kiwi to mainland Australians - sheep shaggers basically ;-) Perhaps you have equivalent states in America, though I don't know enough about America to pick one with any confidence.
Of course I'm massively over-simplifying, and to be honest, before I went back to England for the first time in 16 years I never thought anything stereotypical of the Welsh except that they were coal miners, keen rugby players and good singers. But then I heard a few sheep references which alerted me to an element of, shall we say, 'playful' prejudice. Of course they also have their own living language, and I suppose there must be quite a distinct culture there somewhere.


I didn't get the feeling that they were considered hill billy-yokels like you are suggesting. (I think the American equivalent of what you're suggesting would be Kentuckians or West Virginians-think "Deliverance").

It's got more to do with the language and obsession with the Welsh culture in the book-specific foods, home decorations, pubs, the landscape, heavy drinking, etc. I would be curious as to what a Welsh person would make of Amis' summation of their country.

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