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April 29, 2013



In case you want some street cred with Koreans, its pronounced "bibimbap" in Korean - the "bap" or "pap" means rice (like gohan, with a meal connotation).


You know I know that, but it feels weird to use a non-Japanese pronunciation (...I think I must be turning Japanese...).

This is becoming like a private message board between you and me...but don't stop. I've been enjoying your posts on FB about your walks, food, drink, etc..., as well. This blog should get more interesting soon, as I am going to Argentina on Friday for a conference for 10 days.


Haha. I would post more only I haven't read, seen or listened to most of the things you post on, so I don't have much to add, although I can enjoy the arts vicariously through you.


Oh, and sorry for doubting your knowledge of Korean food words. You're not an amateur!

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