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March 26, 2011



Japan is suffering with radiation now which is the worlds biggest issue. All over the World is now watching how Japan will recover from the earthquake and tsunami & terror of nuclear power plants. Now this the situation all of us (World Countries and its leaders) should help Japan as quickly as possible. We all need to generate the power with the other resources like thermal, solar energy so we need to forget to build Nuclear Power Plants. They are very dangerous.

Peter M

Interesting that Japanese would bring up the voting rights. The fact that Japanese treat foreigners with little respect does not exactly encourage loyalty to Japan.

There are people who were born and bread in Japan but do not have the right to vote, or would have to give up the right to their parents nationality in order to do so.

I personally know people who have lived in Japan virtually all their lives, speak and read Japanese fluently who still feel no loyalty to Japan and only stayed because they couldn't afford to leave, and people with children (having lost their jobs as the foreigners where the first to be fired in the crisis) who are on state benefits and couldn't leave the areas near the disaster zone as they were told they would loose those benefits, permanently.

My guess is that as a result of Flygin the Japanese will be more hostile to towards foreigners and just when they need all that migrant labour to help re-build their country they will (again) turn inwards on them selves and move into another dark era for Japan. I Hope they dont, I hope they reduce the prohibitive visa system and encourage labour migration, as encourage employers to reduce discrimination in their companies (including against different Japanese racial groups).


Peter M, I agree with a lot of what you're saying. My overall impression is that many Japanese people are upset about the mass exodus. However, they are very reluctant to open up the country for immigration for jobs like nursing and nursing home care among several occupations which are dwindling. We'll see how it washes out in the end.

Hans Brinckmann

Could someone tell me whether the term 'Flygin' was actually used in the Japanese media, and if so where? According to my well-read Japanese friends, they haven't come across the term in the newspapers or on TV.
In any case it is not only 'foreigners' who moved away from Tokyo. Many Japanese did too, if they had the money and could afford to leave their job at least temporarily. Conversely, most of my foreign friends stayed put, even people who had a choice.
Hans B.


As far as I know Hans, it wasn't used in the Japanese media. This blog post and comments section discusses the origins and Japanese use:


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