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March 14, 2011


Patrick W.

Thanks for sharing this. I've heard a few other personal accounts, and for those of us who used to be there and have a stronger emotional ties to Japan than, say, the average CNN watcher, it's a valuable window into the reality on the ground.


So glad you wrote this ! I've been hopeing you would :-)
greetings from Thailand


Thanks Pat, I'm starting to worry about how this might affect the academic school year. I found out today that there was some minor damage to our offices on campus and that the rolling blackouts might last until April, when the new academic year starts.

Lilian, nice to hear from you. You're still in Chang Mai?!


yep still here :-) Glad we're far from Tsunamies !!!!Its good too hear of all the parts of Japan where people still go out for drinks and meet friends !

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