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January 22, 2011



Actually, he did make the sequel, "In the Mood For Love."

I'm a huge WKW fan. He is one of the reasons I lived in Hong Kong for a short time...


Technically that project may have been inspired by "Days Of Being Wild," but it didn't happen in the way that he had originally wanted to do it. He started "The Ashes of Time" and then made "Chungking Express" while editing that and "Fallen Angels" and "Happy Together" were made before "In The Mood For Love"-so I am sure that the project changed over time. So I don't see it as a conventional sequel like "Fallen Angels" is for "Chungking Express."

I am also a huge Wong Kar-wai fan and have wanted to re-visit Hong Kong because of Kar-wai. I haven't been there since before the hand over during my first year on JET when I went there in the Spring of 1998 I believe.

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