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October 26, 2010



The 'doupu'/ 'dubu' in sundoupu refers to tofu.


Yeah, I figured that.

It's good stuff, but why do they have to ruin it with some dodgy seafood-seems like there was something like cockles mixed in there. How do you like it Edward, in terms of Korean food overall?

I've always really liked the soups. I saw something in the paper about a crisis in Korea due to the price increase of kimchi.


Actually, sundubu is not my favourite. I'm not sure if it usually has seafood - might be a variation. I think the highlight of Korean food is the soups, despite BBQ being better known in the Western world. The multitude of spicy soups are great, however there's various soya bean and bone/stock varieties that are near the top of my list. I recommend something called altang, which is a spicy fish roe soup, and although there may be some unwanted shells in there it's not at all seafoody in taste. It has a distinctive spicy and salty taste, and apart from closely packed lumps of fish roe, it usually has something called sukkat, ("Crown Daisy" or "Garland Chrysanthemum" apparently), which has a subtly bitter herby taste to it. Possibly my favourite.


Re- the kimchi, I read the weather conditions were bad for the long leafed cabbage (pechu/bechu) that is the main ingredient, and they're having to import from China. My mother in law had some growing in a plot of land she owns and somebody stole them all. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

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