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May 29, 2009


Ray Lee

Are you with SMel? He said he was in Tokyo with "Pat", so I assumed that he was visiting with you, McCoy. If so, you'd better eat your meal(s) while you can, because the "human vacuum" will devour anything that may remotely appear edible at first glance, without any fear nor conscience. Eat first, ask questions and explain his actions later. Love him to death. I hope you guys are having a good time catching up. Make him try some sea snake!



SMel has already gone onto Kobe, but he'll be back on Monday for a couple of days.

So far I made him eat shabu shabu, grilled fish, menchi katsu, fried rice, and green peppers stuffed with minced pork. And he ate everthing except the green peppers. We'll see what els eI can force down...

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