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February 20, 2009


Ray Lee

These lists (both Top 25 and top 50) are pretty lame. No disrespect to any of the mentioned directors, but so many have been left out and the inclusion of some seem ridiculous, in my opinion. I won't share the specifics of my "issues" with these lists, but do want to bitch and wonder about the criteria by which these directors were chosen for the lists of top "active" directors. Active? What does that mean? I saw a few that haven't done shit for several years, but I guess that they know who hasn't officially retired yet. Sure, I agree with the inclusion of some names, but shake my head at many others. OK, certainly no disrespect intended, but Mary Harron in the top 50?

Patrick McCoy

Ray, I totally agree. I just thought it might be an interesting point for a discussion about who are the greatest active directors.

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