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February 08, 2009



bah humbug. your random thing #1 is good. you should keep going. and in the 'living in glass houses' department: should i remind you that you tagged me for '12 cover songs' and '20 random shuffle songs'? your covers list was good (i didn't know P,L & U was a cover), but as a light read, i'd be way more interested in a 25 things list from you. quit being such a grump. if you don't want friends sharing their thoughts and feelings with you, then maybe social networking isn't for you.
btw: i haven't done a 25 things list either, but thinking about doing one now, just so i can tag you, bro. :-)


Oh, quoting Robert Lanham, I just noticed. Well, he lives to be grumpy. You should still make a list.

Patrick McCoy

OK point taken, I'm reluctant (for reasons you are aware of), but I ought to leave that can of worms unopened and take another track.


I could never fit Facebook into my life - I have enough trouble just keeping up with your blog.

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