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January 21, 2009



Yes, I haven't congratulated you on his inauguration, but needlesss to say his success has been very well received here in Australia. More than a few people were emotional during his acceptance speach (me included). He's the only mainstream politician I've ever known who doesn't seem to be playing politics, though ironically to pull off what he's done he must in fact be a master politician - or was it dumb luck :-)? Despite the sometimes negative feedback you might get from some Aussies on America, I reckon we've been looking for a good reason to like America for ages, and as if Pat McCoy wasn't enough, we now have Obama - way to redeem yourselves! Seriously though, we secretly wish the principled and inspirational Obama was our leader, but as the 51st state of America I think we fall under his jurisdiction anyway.

Patrick McCoy

Thanks, it is amazing to me how many Thais, Cambodians, French, Aussies, Canadians, Brits, etc...have congratulated me. This is truly a turning point in history, it doesn't seem possible that Obama can live up to the expectations put on him-save the world.


I'm not sure we expect him to save the world - just not go around causing trouble. I think the main thing about Obama is that for the first time in living memory (for most people), everything about your new President (both his principals and his own unlikely success) encapsulates the attributes that America usually ascribes to itself e.g. land of the free, of opportunity, where rights are upheld and anything is possible. It makes it so much easier to accept (even enjoy) American ascendancy when your leader is like this. We do talk about being the 51st state here sometimes - that doesn't sound so bad nowadays.


Oops-I meant 'principles' not 'principals'.

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