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October 20, 2008



Gotta love that miso-ramen!
I also had ramen when I went to Sapporo - predictable of us don't you think?


More predictable than eating crab or lamb in Hokkaido? That's what you do when you travel in Japan-you eat the local speciality.


They have lamb in Hokkaido? I wonder how they eat it - Lamb doesn't seem to fit into Japanese food (-it wasn't in the food pyramid).


I lived nearby in Asahikawa for two years and don't remember lamb either. Miso ramen - YES. That and zangi (Hokkaido for Karaage,) oden, local curries, pork cutlets (Katsu,) snow crab, and a myriad of types of konyaku.

Not to mention some of the best and cheapest sashimi in Japan including live tako (octopus).

Lamb is not in the Hokkaido food pyramid unless its minced in the curry. Here is the Hokkaido food pyramid:

Level 1 - Hokkaido Rice
2 - Ramen and Soba
3 - Marine animals and their parts - often still moving
4 - Oden and Curry
5 - Zangi, deep fried squid rings that foreigners mistake for onion rings, and tonkatsu.
6 - "Black" Sapporo Beer and - what else- Otokoyama


I believe the lamb is eaten at the Ghengis Kahn buffets, which I noticed were plentiful at the beer gardens. I saw a couple of shops in Susukino that specialized inlamb as well. A couple of my students recommend eating lamb there as well.

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