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May 24, 2008



It's going to happen to Bush 2.0 some day, just you watch. If it can happen to Reagan, it can happen to W.


Doubtful. Michael Moore will jcontinue making W documentaries for the next 20 years.


you know, Reagan did a lot for school lunches in america. i mean, ketchup IS now considered a vegetable! amazing legacy.


Just goes to show, everyone gets to be a saint when they die.

This reminds me of my favorite synonym for "moron": "Reagan Democrat."

Apologies to all I've offended.


I know this sounds crazy, especially to the right wingers, but, Michael Moore will have no effect on how W is remembered, in the same way Ann Coulter will have no effect on how Al Gore is perceived by history.

Bush will be considered a failure not because of Moore, but because of his record.

Most importantly, Bush's face will still probably end up on a quarter.

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