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April 13, 2008



Looking for information and found it at this great site...

Patrick McCoy

Thanks, glad to be of help.


thank you!


Thank you very much for this information, I've always wondered about this.


I must visit japan


After I started reading manga, I started doing the peace sign more often. I just realized this now.
Manga=peace? XDDD


its even funnier when they do it in front of their mouth, because that symbol means something completely different to me.


Nice read - thank you.


My theory is that it's nationalistic. The "counter" for long slender things (like fingers) is hon/bon/pon. So, 2 fingers is ni-hon. The Japanese word for Japan in Nihon. Case closed.

Jordan retro 10

I'm just surprised to find out how much of information I obtained on this kind of theme. I m so extremely grateful of you. The one thing I could assert that, after studying this post I became stored from the whole worthless search I should have done on this specific topic.


My theory is that it's nationalistic. The "counter" for long slender things (like fingers) is hon/bon/pon. So, 2 fingers is ni-hon. The Japanese word for Japan in Nihon. http://www.rapidsloth.com


It seemed like a reasonable explanation, but now I'm not so sure.

Japanese Translation

Thanks for your updates .I really appreciate your work to this site. I hope you can continue this kind of good work in future also..

Pete Tinsley

After being the only Nation to be bombed by nuclear devices, Japan is the only Nation to have banned their use. The peace sign is symbolic of their pursuit of peace.


Umm, about the skater (Janet Lynn) in 1972. She didn't fall and "flash the peace sign even while..." She did fall, but if you watch the recording of the time, she didn't flash a peace sign. Forgive me for being a stick-in-the-mud, but please, unless the camera angle was different from where I was sitting, I must have missed something. Somehow it screams of us Americans feeding our own egos, trying to make a claim as to where or why something started.


Ummm kmkenpo-I did not write the article. It is from the Onion's AV Club and it has not been proved...


I lived in Japan 10 years in the 1990s. Japanese are extremely conformist. why do they flash the peace sign? Because everyone else does. They are like robots.


I just thought maybe it means "smile"? In Japanese, the number two is pronounced "ni", and the word for a smile is "niko", and since much of anime and manga in their culture is surrounded by sound effects derived from words, i figured it's just as likely that "niiiii" could be the sound effect for a smile. Just my two cents. No pun intended.


Well it gets as basic as that. There are a few other variants (like "nita"). Hmmm, so it could be that and the nationalistic thing. Much meaning!

As for Dave's statement, who is everyone? Americans? Well you know how crazy they are about the language and elements of the culture (Nihongo is unique in the way it assimilates foreign words via katakana, like it was meant to be that way... I guess it certainly helps)!


Touche. Great arguments. Keep up the good work.

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