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March 19, 2008



I loved the movie--I've seen it twice--but this review makes me want to see it again. His dislike for the film may be due to tempermental differences between him and me, as I really didn't like American Beauty, and he seems to like it a lot.


Thanks Eric, I also noted that they gave it a B+ over at the Onion AV Club, so maybe we weren't so much off.

I guess I sometimes like stuff that's heavy handed or a bit pretentious, which you chalk up to tempermental differences. I liked American Beauty, but I liked this a lot more.

Actually I can't think of a single Ang Lee film that I didn't like, however, I will say that I thought Brokeback was a tad bit overrated, but still great film making.

lou ford

The movie's great. so's the book. the book has more Fantastic 4 metaphor though, so i like it better. American Beauty is good too, but not as good as American Splendor.


Yeah, I read the book, and liked it, too.

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