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July 18, 2007



I felt Let It Be best captured the band's combination of fuck up humor and sensitive balladry. I mean it's crazy that "Answering Machine" is on the same album as "Gary's Got A Boner." Hootenanny has it's share of great songs, but it leans a little too heavily on the jokey stuff. "Within Your Reach" and a few others on the album offer a peak at what Westerburg was capable of.


Fifth or sixth?


Let it Be, Tim, Pleased to Meet Me, Stink, Sorry Ma...so yeah, for me it might be around 5th or 6th if I were to list them in order of preference. But I don't think I have a favorite album; I can listen to any of them.

The only time I saw them live was during the tour for Don't Tell a Soul. When the show started Westerberg, who I guess had been asked by the local station for an interview, came onto the stage and said: "Tell the guy from KROQ we just don't have the time." And then they just went ahead and blew everyone away.


Let's see my favorite in order: Tim, Pleased To Meet Me, Let It Be, Don't Tell A Soul, All Shook Down...yeah fifth or sixth. Then again I like them all too, but the earlier ones are more of a novelty for me.

I saw them on The All Shook Down tour, even though they were on their way out-it was cool to see them live. I really regret missing their show in Seattle during the Pleased To Meet Me tour-that would have been really cool-The Young Fresh Fellows (one of my foavortie local bands) opened for them and they got drunk and they all shaved their eyebrows...

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