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July 27, 2007


Friendly Banker

You are correct that Alistair Horne's book has been read by, "Bush and several of his advisors". In fact it is noted in the bibliography of General David H. Petraeus'(commander of Multi-National Force Iraq) counter-insurgency manual now being used to provide principles and guidelines for operations in Iraq. There are a number of direct references to Algeria in the General's manual and would point you to an interesting refernce to Algeria under the Ethics section (Section 7-42 under the link below).



Actually, it's a blurb on the cover of the NY Times reprint that I ordered that Bush adn the US Military read it-as it was also mentioned in the Salon article I linked to. I guess I was being a little sarcastic because they used torture during the Algerian campaign and thought that it worked against them in the end.

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