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May 24, 2007



We ate horse sashimi together back in 97/98 right?? I recommend it to all your readers. Just think of all those ex-race horses wasted on dogs here in the West!


I ate some recently and it doesn't taste as good when it gets unfrozen-a little gamey. I remember when we ate it, it seemed to have been cut into thinner slices-it tasted like roast beef.


If I remember correctly, that was when I was visiting and you guys did not tell me it was horse until after I tried it!


Actually, I don't think you were there, but I might be wrong.


You know I think Kraig might have been there...
The Koreans eat a raw beef dish (called Yuk Hwe), something you can get easily enough here in Australia. It's served shredded and semi-frozen with nashi pear and is really quite nice. I think being cold benefits these raw dishes, although I reckon most fish sashimi is probably best at closer to room temperature. The Korean's will sometimes eat their tuna sashimi semi frozen too, but I prefer to let it warm up a touch to get more flavour. The same principal applies to ale, which is more flavoursome when drunk at 10 degrees (celcius) rather than at fridge temperature.

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