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April 26, 2007



Check out this on the BBC site "Creationist museum challenges evolution"


Gave me both a chuckle and shrudder that there are people out there that believe this...


Yeah, I read that somewhere there are these nut jobs who think dinosaurs and people lived at the same time like "The Flintstones."


I haven't seen it yet, but there's an apparently interesting documentary by an Aussie called Andrew Denton called 'God On My Side', which profiles (in a reasonably non-judgemental way from what I've read of the reviews) the fundamentalist religious right of America. Andrew Denton is a well known TV personality here, and is an excellent interviewer who lets his guests do the talking without trying to steal the limelight, and approaches his subjects without any obvious agenda. I think that this documentary would make informative viewing if you ever come across it.

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