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February 14, 2007



Pat, I grabbed this before I went to Cabo and finished it there. Great book that taught me a ton about the conflict. Eggers really makes you feel for Achak (Valentino), who seems to always find a way to survive while the loved ones around him meet untimely and horrific deaths. It was difficult to find the book here in Seattle and on Amazon. I tried to pick up Wallace's "Consider the Lobster" but it was also sold out so I instead grabbed "Infinite Jest". Just started it but it is interesting already.


sI'm glad you read it, but, wow, Infinte Jest that's a doorstop, I admiree your resolve, I think you should read his other books of essays, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'l lNever Do Again (at least I think that's the title), instead. But hey, you've already started-good luck!

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