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December 12, 2006



Good post. You've read much more Hitchens than I have, so I'll take your word for it. But based on my limited exposure to the guy and his writing, I'd say you could get your answer by taking the "or" out of your question.


There are very few female comedians that don't make me want to cringe - so regardless of why he wrote the "women aren't funny' article, I'm afraid that I tend to agree with the basic point that men are the funnier gender (...and doesn't it seem obvious that the males of all species are expected to 'perform' - just look at the birds). Anyway, on HC himself, I do think that he serves a purpose by at least not sheepishly subscribing to the accepted view. How dangerous the world would be without someone to challenge the majority, even if the underlying purpose is to attract attention. I must admit that I hardly know anything about the guy, but he did come across in a recent interview as someone unlikely to compromise his opinion at least.

Bob the Chef

An intellectual? What a crock. He's fodder for the masses who respond to irreverence as it it were no-bullshit erudition. "I'm not afraid to challenge the establishment!" He's a fraud. You're write, in that he's a contrarian, but he's also a douchebag. If we didn't have someone to rail against, he wouldn't have a purpose. In the internet world, one would call him a troll.

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