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November 01, 2006



I'm afraid that basketball has never really captured my imagination, and I wonder how related that is to my understanding of America. I assume that one of the reasons I don't like basketball (quite apart from how repetitive it seems to me), is that I'm not tall enough to be any good at it, so perhaps my failure to understand certain aspects of American culture and politics is due to me being only 174cm tall (that's 5 foot 9" for you imperialists, oops, I mean those of you using the imperial system).


Basketball is still one of my favorite sports to play, maybe because of my above average height. But really I'm small for the game. People my size usually play point guard. I like the fast paced high scoring aspect of it.


Yeah, it's probably better to play than to watch. I found the no-contact rule rather frustrating though - I was forever causing fouls yet could never draw a foul.

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