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October 22, 2006



Yes! Yes! Party pics.! That's what blogs are about - not Reinhold Niebuhr resurfacing.

Actually, I thought the Reinhold Niebuhr stuff was interesting. I'm just glad to see you're still making it to halloween parties. Now please tell my you got Minako's phone number.


Once again I have to agree wth Phatrick. I wade thru the book reviews and political rants, patiently waiting for your party posts and the women you meet in Japan. Keep the party and pop culture posts coming for us buddy.


Come now, knowing that Reinhold Niebuhr is making a comeback must be stimulating water cooler talk, right? Some people do still read books don't they?

BTW I got Yuki's number, since Minako's an old friend...


I agree with Phatrick and your brother and what happened to the food are you turning to a cook, don't go out and eat anymore? Rienhold Niebuhr is making a comeback from where? More of Tokyo,babes and food.


No, I'm not turning into a cook-god forbid-there'll be a post on food coming up soon. You of all people should remember Neibuhr-he's making a comeback from he Vietanm era when I was a small child. Hey, the last two posts were chicks-albeit heavily pierced-and tatooed as well as a movie review.


I'm really enjoying the fact that I managed to get your family to get on your case.

Don't worry, I'll read whatever you post - by the way, I saw Thank You for Not Smoking earlier this year (a rare case of me seeing a movie before you do) and I agree with you, very funny stuff.

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