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June 13, 2006



What a game! There was much jumping, screaming and hugging in my place let me tell you! 3 goals in the final 7 or 8 minutes! After spending most of the game thinking they'd go down to a solitary (and more than a bit dodgy) goal, you can imagine the euphoria at such a comprehensive win. They've still got their work cut out for them though - Brazil and Croatia will be tough nuts to crack, and I'd say the odds are still against us making the second round. FYI, this is only the 2nd appearance for Australia in the world cup, the last one being in 1974, and was probably a bit of a fluke. This is why any success in the world cup is causing wild joy and happiness in Australia, despite soccer being traditionally the least popular of the 4 codes of football here. It may not be like this for long...

I'm sorry the USA lost so badly. Given soccer is one of the few games where the USA is a potential under-dog, I do tend to support them over at least some other teams, and I'll definitely be supporting them against Italy. After all, no self respecting non-Italian supports Italy in the world cup.


Edward, what are the 4 codes of football there? My good friend works in marketing for netball and his wife is a professional netball player. She just got picked up by a team in New Zealand so they are living there for a year or so.


Kraig, We've got Rugby Union (played by quite a few countries, including the US), Rugby League (similar to Union, but not played much outside of Australia, England and New Zealand), soccer, and in Australia only - Australian Rules Football (otherwise known as 'Aussie Rules', and with some similarity to Gaelic Football). Zew Zealand are best at Union, and although they've failed to win a World Cup for a while, the 'All Blacks' are the tradional champions of the sport, having been the team to beat for many decades. The whole country's mad about Rugby.

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