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May 28, 2006



let me know what when you start a new blog lol


I meant the YenX!


>> So I guess it will close down soon, due to a lack of sure material. However, the ads that are posted on phonebooths would provide ample source material as well.

Close down? Never! Although I have relied on the ads to appear regularly in the mailbox, now I may consider gathering them from phone booths. But the ads aren't in the phone booths in my area. I'd have to go to some sleazy part of town like the bad side of Shimbashi or Kabukicho. And phone booths? It's getting harder to find them anymore.


As far as the phone booth comment goes-it's like I'm living in 1997 of the mind-they're not around much anymore are they?

Perhaps you can translate the tissue packets. Isaw a girl dressed as a nurse passing out tissues near Otsuka station recently...

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