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March 17, 2006



Exactly the design concepts I am using on my house remodel. Seems that while I thought I was screwing up, I was just being avant garde. Ahead of the curve as usual.


Phatrick speaks! I can't wait to be the first to vomit in the guest room of your new house, and I'll bet Anna can't wait either, that is if I don't lock myself out and...makes me wonder when I stopped being a house guest and a liability. Then again, recently I have good references talk to Mike and Jennifer.


Yeah, sorry for my silence. I've seriously been working day and night shifts at the house lately. It reminds me of being a lawyer - except i get to hit things and at the end of the day I'm dirty instead of just feeling like it.

I'd forgotten all about that - great story: you drunkely locking yourself out of my apartment in your underwear or something and then breaking a window with your elbow to get back in. When I got home the next week I thought I'd been robbed.


He he. Sounds like a good story - how come I've never heard of this Patrick?


in hindsight, that was a great night. there was something about the Backdoor Ultra Lounge (RIP) that made for fabulous evenings. i really miss that place.


Was it a great night? Infamous. Edward you haven't heard it, because it's not so flattering on this end.

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