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November 22, 2005



I remember reading about the continuum from high context societies where relationships are primary like Japan, to low context societies more like America where individualism is emphasized. Although Japan did sit at one end of the spectrum, northern European countries were "lower context" than the US.

Sweden must be rife with "indiscriminate acts of violence". :)


I’ve agreed with you when you bring up this column – her logic’s pretty weak. You should really write a rebuff to the paper. If you don’t sound like an annoyed crackpot, then I think you might make an impact. Perhaps they'll give you her column! I reckon you could write a better piece than she could.


Thanks, but I'm not sure writing a blog would impress them so much. But it does seem like they could have found someone with a better grip on the culture and writing, to write the column-perhaps a Japanese ex-pat free lance journalist or visiting professor.

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