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November 25, 2005



the Old 97's completely rule. They are everything a live band should be. It'll totally be worth whatever trouble you gotta go through to make it to one of their shows.

Ozzy Osmond

I still haven't heard much Old 97's, but I happened to catch an in-store performance of Rhett Miller a few weeks ago. His perfectly styled 70's-era hair-do and his uber-hip outfit gave the impression of a major label prettying up their hopeful star-to-be, and the songs sounded like a half-hearted attempts at being paul westerberg. I was with a couple devout 97's fans who shared the same sentiment - they cringed when he sang some 97's song in French. Interestingly, the overwhelming majority of attendees were pretty young girls who appear to be his target audiance.


Hmmm...not sure what appearance has to do with musical ability, adn I'm suspect about someoen valuing the songs after just one in-store expereince.

But, yes, he's agood-looking fella and you can't blame them trying too sell that, but he's got he street cred of having written some great songs over the years for critically acclaimed the 97s-so why would he want to be Paul Westerberg? The solo album is more pop which is why these songs didn't find their way to an Old 97s album-but still they are first rate.

Some other bandsI still need to see live besides the Old 97s: Belle & Sebastian live (but I am planning to see them in June when they come to Tokyo), Wilco, Beastie Boys, and Nick Cave.

Ozzy Osmond

> why would he want to be Paul Westerberg?

Because PW is still pretty good and has maintained at least some "street cred"? It's just the first thing that hit me when I saw the guy. I agree that in-stores are not the best place to be introduced to an artist. They're purely promotional which probably exacerbated the feeling that he is being heavily packaged and marketed.


i love being in an audience of mostly pretty young girls. sign me up as an old 97's fan.

which reminds me that leslie and i rode the bus into work last week snuggled among a half dozen german high school girls on holiday. all 6 were attractive. they're raising them right in Deutschland.


Well, he was mainly talking aobut Rhett Miller (rather than Old 97s), who was cahsed down the street by a pack of Japanese high school girls the first time around here. You ought to check out how they're raising them here sometime. :)

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