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September 23, 2005



Man's stamina?? Is that like "Make you strong...at night" or performance enhancement suppliment???


It's the '... at night' version.
Pat, sorry to hear that it's so bad - I wish I had actually tried the stuff before agreeing to buy it now. Jeleesan assured me it was premium stuff - but when it comes to traditional alcohols I guess that doesn't always translate into an agreeable taste. Still, the main idea was to actually give you the bottles. I was originally going to buy traditional bottles separately, and buy you some Korean alcohol at the supermarket that I like to drink. If you see it around, try something called Kashiogapi-juu (juu = shuu i.e. alcohol). It has a slight ginseng taste, although it's actually made from some other plant that I have yet to identify.

Rick Faulkner

My next door neighbor is once again stationed in South Korea with the US Army and he knows the culture very well and the sprits as well. He brought me two of the lovely bottles and cups as shown in the picture. This is one of the best rice wines LeeGangJu with hints of pear, ginger and cinnamon. Should be served chilled neat or with ice. This one of the best sold in South Korea 50 proof. Poor Pat may need to sample it again. Enjoy.


I didn't drink it on the rocks, so I may need to try it again on the rocks.

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