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July 12, 2005



When one person has lost the other one says "Acchimuitehoi" which generally means "look there,hey". And "aikodesho" is used when win and loss is not determined. Janken is useful because we can decide matters quickly by it and Janken as the way to decide matters is rarely rejected by anyone. By the way someone never loses the other though I don't know the winning strategy. All Japanese hope to know the absolute winning strategy because they experience many Janken and if they know it, they will never be in any trouble and could lead an easy life.


"aidakosho" not even close to "Acchimuitehoi"-thanks for the corrections.


Did I ever tell you the story of participating in a round of rock, paper, scissors on Japanese TV? I think the show was called "Wake Up Tokyo" or something like that - a morning "news" show similar to "Good Morning America" et. al. I was in NYC sitting reading the paper and was approached by a producer and asked if I wouldn't mind being interviewed on Japanese TV. Who minds being interviewed on Japanese TV? The host/interviewer was very friendly, jovial and an little zany - struck me that maybe he was the weather guy. I don't remember what he asked me, but it was all very scripted and involved me giving the thumbs up to something. At the end we did a round of Janken with big cheesy grins on our faces. I'm ashamed to admit the the outcome was predetermined so that we would tie - we both ended with rock. Afterwards I felt bad for participating in a fraud carried out on the Japanese people. I should have gone paper, but I didn't want to cause an international incident.


Pat and Pahtrick, I saw this today and immediately thought that Phatrick wrote the article with a fake name. Enjoy.


paste into your browser if you have to.


Well I can see stylistically, that this article is Phtrick-esque, but content wise, it isn't Phatrick-esque. I don't think Phatrick spend smuch time thinking about who he could beat up, but then again, recently he does have a lot of free time and may spend it pondering such scenarios.


You'd be surprised what I think about. I'm flattered Kraig though I wrote it. Pretty funny stuff. Sort of reminds me of sitting around with Dave Moore back in the 20th Century and compiling competing lists of toughest tough guys. Each list had a theme: 1970s Hollywood actors; presidents; child TV stars; high school stoners, etc. As you can probably imagine, highly entertaining stuff.


mc, you usually lose because you throw down rock too often. you should use scissor more.


Hey, I don't think I lose too much, but, you may be right about my being partial to rock and paper.

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