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July 14, 2005



I resisted with Deadwood as well and, from what I hear, we are missing out ona another great show.

Ray Lee

Pat, you mentioned all of the shows that I particularly enjoy from HBO. Even if you had access to HBO subscription, you'd probably still want to own the DVD boxsets...trust me. Other shows to check out are Carnivale and Dead Like Me (but I believe that one's from Showtime). I also really liked the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. Stayed away from Sex and the City...doesn't sound like my kind of thing. The TV shows really do well in our video stores...people like the fact that they can watch as much as they want and not need to wait (a week) to see the next episode. Most people blast through the entire season(s) in one shot. Of course, this has also caused a lot of my customers to become hermits for periods of time. Great stuff for when you're ill and don't want to leave the house...


Actually, Sex InThe City is pretty entertaining (I think you might appreciate the perspectives on sex and realtionships), but you're right about getting to watch as many episodes as you want without having to wait is nice. I tore through these DVDs pretty quickly.

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