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July 20, 2005


Ray Lee

Cool...I am glad that you dug this film. I saw it in the theater and really enjoyed it too. I saw the Fincher-isms as a tribute to his previous films and I think that the debut effort by these film-makers was outstanding. Of course, they already got signed on for a sequel after the initial box office score...typical horror film with the nature of their endings. I found the film to be creepy and somewhat surprising with the ending that I didn't see coming. I also agree with you about Cube. Don't bother seeing the sequel nor the prequel. Garbage. The original Cube was best left alone. Do you know what reminded me of Cube was "Alive". I can't remember the directors name, but he's the same Japanese director that brought us "Azumi". Good shit.


Hey Ray, I totally agree with you. I was thrown by the ending as well. Unfortunately, I saw the second Cube movie, but the first one was excellent. I haven't seen the Japanese horror movies you're referring to-I'm more of an indies/art house viewer.

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