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May 31, 2005



You look forward to SUING it next year? Say what?


New Interchange Books - specifically level 2 - were my most taught texts 10+ years ago when I was working for GEOS. Excellent books for small group exercises and the listening sections were well done.

BTW, Why the heck did they pick you as a reviewer when there are thousands of teachers who teach out of this daily? :)


Seeing as you're in the business of textbook reviews, is there a particular series you'd recommend to someone (namely me, in this case) wanting to learn the language at home (with the assistance of friendly japanese/american neighbors)?


Kraig-this is why you should proof read even when you use spll check. Noted and corrected.

Arie-well I do feel qualified since I have been using it for four years now. I have about 400 students using New Interchange texts-Cambridge makes a significant portion of their profits from univeristies(most, but not all, of the reviewers were from univerisities) And lastly I have a friend who is the slaes rep for univeristies in Japan. :)

Gnob-I guess you're talking about a Japanese textbook and I would recommend the Mina Nihongo series for beginners. However, The Japan Times has a good series of texts that you also might want to take a look at. I'm not a big fan of Japanese For Busy People.


*heh* Thanks. Complexity isn't an issue (though time sometimes is). Having some way to use it on a regular basis is. Mina Nihongo - I'll check it out. The Japan Times - where can I find these? I was also pointed to the Mangajin series someone. Any experiences good/bad with it? Again, thanks for your time.


Here's a link to Minna Nihongo (great introduction to grammar):


Here's a link to the JapanTimes Book Club:


I also used Basic Kanji:


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