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May 30, 2005


David Ehrich


you inspired me to get out a few mixes, some of them yours, and get in the 1991 volvo with 488,000 miles and a cassette player and drive until I get to half a million, or run out of gas.



Dave, yeah I think driving with a good mix tape is one of those underrated plesures in life-Nick Hornby writes of this pleasure in 31 Songs as well. I just realized that it must be Memorial Day Weekend there-so enjoy your road trip.

Incidently, I was refering to Dave M, when I mentioned that I had left my cassette tapes with Dave and then realized I sent this entry to three Daves.


you should load this song list onto the 'pod.

call it pink paper:

BOC revolution by night
Angst blasting concept v.2
Husker Du blasting concept v.2
Dead Moon “johnny’s got a gun”
Alarm “the stand”
Pavement “texas never whispers”
Monomen “ending”
Bad Company “burning sky”
Generation X
Frijid Pink “crying shame”
Frijid Pink “house of the rising sun”
Green River “unwind”

Kosokuya (zombie pop)
Dead C “envelopment”
Magnetic Fields “the desperate things you made me do”
Man or Astroman “9 volt”
Built to Spill “reasons”
Built to Spill “car”
Flop “regrets”
3D’s “sunken treasure”
3D’s “jewel”
We All Fall Down “safe”
Wipers “sinking as a stone”
N.Y. -end

the actual cassette exists, and is on the floor of my truck.


I actually recognize most of the bands on this list and have (or had) albums by a lot of them, but in order for me to down load it onto my pod lists I need a CD version burned for me...hint-hint...this year's Christmas mix tape/CD?


I was thinking of buying that book for Gaje for his birthday, but since he knows about it now, the surprise if ruined. Oh, well forget it. So what's the matter with mixed CDs? (Unless, of course, you have a Volvo with half a million miles on it and only a tape deck) Why hasn't the mixed CD simply stepped into the shoes of the mixed tape? Perhaps Gaje can explain. Gaje tried to brainwash me into likeing Robin Hitchcock, but my brain was too strong - have never been able to stand that guy. He did, however, get me hooked on "the French Toast Man."


Sorry for the scoop on the book.

As for the nostalgic value of the mix tape, I think it has something to do with the length of time it takes to make a mix tape. Then again, I couldn't ever really understand the vinyl vs. CD proposition, since I didn't really start collecting music until CDs were becoming popular, even then I was buying a lot of cassettes.

I liekd some Robyn Hitchcock-he was in The Manchurian Candidate! who is "The French Toast Man"?


The problem w/ mix cd's is that it's too easy to skip past songs. If you go through the effort of making the thing, you want your intended audience to hear it all. With a tape, unless you're really diligent with the ff button, you're kinda forced to sit through every song, which is good mostly, and bad when something like throbbing gristle (who I happen to dig) acts as a road block preventing you from hearing the rest of the tape.


I agree with Mark - too easy to skip songs w/ cd.
I make comp. cd's from time to time - example:

2003 Crappy Hour

Sea of Tombs “firebirds”
Linus Pauling Quartet “grrrl”
Charalambides “can you count the stars”
Pengo “trans-love abattoir”
No Neck Blues Band “a little piece of the sky”
Growing “residual effects of inertia”
Force Field “lord of the ring modulator”
Tesendalo “entwurf”
Nile “i whisper in the ear of the dead”
Total “veildust eternity”

but (and I never thought I'd say this) I actually miss the cassette format. Cassettes were very tactile and egalitarian. They were the format of the people. The compact disc is the format of the elite. Perhaps now the i-pod is the format of the masses, but it's a private device, it doesn't have the communal quality of the cassette deck boom box.

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