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May 30, 2005



The headline is misleading.
I think it's important to note these monitors only expressed this fear after being asked what they think the negative aspects of an increase in foreign visitors could be. The article doesn't mention if they had to choose from a few different answers, or if they were free to give their own answers, or if a negative or "not sure" answer was allowed.
So it's a bit hard to come to any sort of conclusion based on this survery.


Well, I don't think it matters if they had to choose from a list or not, 80% not 8% still chose the box that said they were afraid of criminals posing as tourists. Furthermore:

A ministry official said, "We are ready to cooperate with the Justice Ministry and police to improve the system to prevent criminals from entering Japan."

The ministry obviously drew some conclusions from this poll. I saw a related article where the government is trying to reform NEETS in an effort to avoiding resorting to opening up immigration to meet employment needs in the future. Don't get me wrong, I ususally don't feel discrimination myself, unless I'm looking for an apartment or sometimes when I'm trying to catch a cab, but it IS out there.


Hey, I agree with you. I just think the poll sounds like it was designed to get a certain response, and is not a true indication of what the average Japanese person really thinks.
And it's really irresponsible of anyone, media and government included, to make any sort of conclusion based on this survery.

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