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March 26, 2005



Shaun of the Dead: Netflixed it and made the mistake of working late when Yuki watched it. She's a big fan of both Dawn of the Dead movies and just about everything in the genre, but yawned through Shaun and returned it before I got a chance to judge for myself though I caught the "playing video games with zombie buddy" at the end. Perhaps a cultural gap. We both loved 28 days, even though I tire of the obvious military fascist metaphors that perhaps started with Romero's Day of the Dead - or more likely before and influenced by Dr. Strangelove and many a 50's - 60's scifi B movie. Why not a mad band of enviromentalists or NGO-ists? I'm reading Paul Theroux's Dark Star Safari and these "self-righteous boorish" types get ranked below the gun toting African military "termites" but perhaps just a hair above the road bandits.

I haven't read Vanity fair, but should. Perhaps the only movie I've seen that gave a great book justice was Remains of the Day - the book by Kazuo Ishiguro. Digression - Pat have you read his "An Artist of the Floating World"?


I think the subtlies of comedy are har dot translate, so Yuki may have missed some cultural references, etc...You should check it out again, Shaun Of The Dead was very entertaining.

I was doing a paper on "reader response theory" and one study used Vanity Fair as the text to respond to, and so many of the responses were hostile to the book and the Becky Sharp character that I felt I had to read it-and I quite enjoyed it. It seems like the movie couldn't provide the nuances of a novel.

Yes I have read An Artist of The Floating Wolrd-quite possibly a review of it sometime last year on my blog-I'll see if I can find it. Anyway, I liked it a lot.


I found it from 4/21/2004:


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