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February 02, 2005



On break dancing - I found out not long back that the Koreans are currently world champions (a title they won in France I think). Its not hard to tell why, as even in my sleepy suburban subway station you see groups of young guys practicing, and they're bloody good too. They think nothing of doing hand spins - i.e. in a hand stand position spinning very fast, and then usually ending in some sort of contortionist posture.
Re Japanese overseas, I noticed in Australia also that most Japanese immigrants, (or residents at least), are quite young, and I think its a habit the world over for older Japanese not to emmigrate from Japan. Chinese and Koreans on the other hand will often emmigrate as a family, sometimes with elderly parents in tow, and set up/join communities that allow them to enjoy the best of both worlds. The Japanese just don't seem to do this as much - its probably just the young who are adventurous (or fustrated) enough to leave the 'comfort' of Japan.


I saw those breakdacners at your station, they were quite impressive. You always see Japnese hip hop dancerrs practicing at nightin front of large windows in business area like Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Shibuya-it is truly an urban art form-just bring your beat box.

As far as older emigrates-I've heard that record numbers of Japnese are retiring to New Zealand, Canada and Australia. A freind's girlfriend's parents invested in a group complex outside Manila-which includes a communal kitchen with Philapino servants.

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