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February 15, 2005



The Berlin film festival recently awarded a lifetime achievment award to the Korean director Im Kwon-Taek, who also is famous for the beautiful scenes in his films. I've only seen one, Chihwaseon, but I really enjoyed it. See it if you get the opportunity. It won him best director at Cannes a few years back. It shows elements of an aesthetic Korea that are very hard to find nowadays - in amongst all of the concrete, traffic, pollution, pop culture etc... I haven't made it to the mountains yet though, which are supposed to be very nice. I'll be going to Korea's equivalent of Kyoto this weekend (minus a lot that the Japanese burned down in 1592 mind you), so that should be good for the soul.


Recently I've been really interested in Asian films, but Japanese subtitles don't cut it for me. I really want to see Brotherhood, the Korea war story about the brothers on oppposite sides I heard it's better than Saving Private Ryan. Have fun in the mountains.

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