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January 29, 2005



Who wouldn't have a shot of Tequilla?

BTW, on the previous thread "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell along with a lot of Queen and 80's Lenard Cohen - after he became raspy - like "Jazz Police" and "I'm Your Man" from 88'.

But this definition is from someone who discoverd 80's music in the early 90's while an expat... That may disqualify me from the previous discussion.


BTW, I really can spell 'Leonard'. Doesn't this thing have a spell check?

Don White

TEQUILA! Helping women lower their standards for years. So I think I would run the Tequila girl.


Thats a big cheesey grin!


You doubt the sincerity of the lovley lass-we did buy her a shot as well.

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