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January 31, 2005



Jesus, it sounds like my mother was Japanese in a former life!


Weren't most mothers?


How come they don't warn you about the holes in the sidewalks then?

This poster is a piece of art, have you ever thought about starting a business collecting these types of posters and selling them on ebay?


They would if there were speakers outside. Today I realized tht they tell you stepping past the yellow line when a train appraoches is also dangerous. When I was on JET, after every meeting at the Board of Education our supevisors would tell us not to "meet" a traffic accident on my bike during the 12 block ride home.

Getting that poster would amount to theft, it's on the wall in the Otemachi subway station. But I agree it's art-looks like a Roy Lichtenstein.


I wasn't recommending that you steal it, but find a way to buy these. I've had friends try to buy or collect posters from stores (i.e. Asahi Beer posters with swimsuit models), but inevitably they fail in negotiation. I think part of it may be that the companies that supply the advertisements don't want them misused.

However, I used to take a train at its terminus and the guys came through and tossed all the old (perfectly good) train ads and put up new ones.

Ozzy Osmond


Sounds like Mind the Gap in London.

Yeah, I know a lot of people who find "Japanglish" interesting - Arie's idea is a good one.

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