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December 30, 2004



Life Aquatic was a bizarre film, I found myself enthralled at points and utterrly disapointed at others. I think this film could have been great though I did enjoyed the beach invasion scene and treatment of the interns was classic ... what song was playing during the beach and hotel attack ??


Hey Mike, I agree with your sentiments. The song during Bill Murray's fight with the pirates on the ship was "Search & Destroy" by Iggy & the Stooges, but I don't remember the beach invasion music-probably David Bowie.


The beach & hotel assault scene had some sort of techno beat to it, thought it sounded intresting. Might see if it is loaded onto the music soundtrack.


The beach invasion song is applicably named "Ping Island/Lighting Strikes Rescue Op" by Mark Mothersbaugh.
You can hear a sample of it on the itunes music store.
i own the cd. it's pretty good...
however, not as good as rushmore's soundtrack (kinda like the movie...not as good as rushmore).
i still give it a thumbs up.
Bill Murray, Willem DaFoe, and Jeff Goldblum were great.
I'm getting tired of owen wilson...no depth.


Thanks, I will have to pick up the soundtrack

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