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November 26, 2004



Nice work, Pat. Good to see you are making efforts to ensure your longevity. Looks like the wedding was a good time.


I'll be pedantic and correct a couple of details above. The green bottle is actually the soju - very cheap and popular - the national drink of Korea. Its actually made predominantly from sweet potatos - believe it or not. The Bek Se Ju is some kind of herb alcohol - hence the suggested health benefits. They do have a rice wine - refer my comments on the traditional wedding - but its not that popular.
Also, it may well have been the second bottle of Dimple at the night club (which you almost single handedly finished) that may have contributed most to your eventual problems the next day :-)


Touche! However in my defense,I think your cousin had some of the second bottle of whisky as well.


He might have - but said he couldn't remember. That pretty much says it all mind you :-)

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