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September 30, 2004



I am not sure what season just ended but Deven and I TIVO all the episodes and it just keeps churning out great episodes. Do not want to spoil it but there are some cool story lines this season.


Kim and I get really sick of the whiny art student plots. We fast forward them. And actually the brother..not David the other one...his plot lines are kind of pathetic too. It gets hard to stick with characters you can't sympathize with. And Rico...you reap what you sow. We keep watching nonetheless. Ruth's plot lines are interesting, and David and Keith too. But for a really great HBO series, watch The Wire! Seasons 1 and 2 were fantastic. We are still warming up to season 3.

Ray Lee

Check out the series "Dead Like Me". At first I thought it was going to be a cheap knockoff of Six Feet Under, but I was pleasantly surprised. I just bought a few box sets too. Millennium (short lived Chris Carter television series), Halloween 666 (Producer's Cut), Monster Legacy box (Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman) and the Lone Wolf & Cub series.

I'm still looking for a decent version of Twin Peaks that includes the Pilot and both seasons. Pat, any thoughts on that? In the U.S. they only released the first season on DVD (whcih did NOT include the pilot episode) and then I've only seen bad bootleg versions that include season 2. Just wondering if you've seen anything worth picking up.


Basically, I try to avoid reading about series I like when they are be shown (The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, etc...), but I read a lot of web pages and bits leak out constantly, either because I can't help myself or I happen see the headlines related to plotlines-Alan Ball refers to some of them in his DVD commentary. So, I imagine that Season 3 has some unsettling storylines. I like Nate and Claire, but I can see their plotlines getting less interesting (ie serious illness/art school).

Ray, I haven't seen any Twin Peaks stuff, but I'll keep my eyes open. I've heard good stuff about "Dead Like Me," can't imagine seeing it unless I happen to be in the US.

However, I was a big fan of Millennium until about Season 3, I think where it became too much conspiracy theory obsessed like the X-Files, but he first two seasons are brillant. I liked the fact that they killed off main characters, and played Patti Smith's "Horses" in its entirity in one episode. Were you a Dark Angel fan? I have to admit aninfactuation for Jessica Alba. You must have quite a DVD collection at this point. How about Joe?

Ray Lee

Yeah, I was disappointed with the way Millennium dropped off...it seems that they just didn't know what to do when the ratings dropped and they knew the show was going to be canceled. How do you wrap up the show before the Millennium count down is up? There was an attempt at concluding Frank Black's character in a cross-over episode of the X-Files, but nowhere near what I was hoping for.

As mentioned before, you can always hit me up for titles that you can't find overseas. Just make me a list and of course, you get them at cost.

Ozzy Osmond

This show has no morals. After I watched the whole season 2 box set, I felt sick to my stomach and it wasn't my antidepressant medication Celexa either. It was all that unprotected sex I saw. What is this show promoting anyway? After I saw the last episode, I immediately phoned my doctor and ordered a prescription of both Valtrex and Acyclovir. I went to the pharmacy right away and took a double dosage of each, I'm not taking any chances. Medically speaking, the show is inaccurate to say the least. The show says Nate is suffering from PVD, some bleeding of the brain. No, slurred speech and constant headaches are a sign of depression. He needs to take some antidepressants NOW. He just got his ex girlfriend Lisa preganant, His fiance is crazy and sleeps around and his sister drives a heast, who wouldn't be depressed after that and on top of that he works as a funeral durector. Hello. Give the show's writing staff a wake up call- this guy is depressed.
I also did not find David putting ectasy pills in the aspirin bottle to be funny. My brother intentionally took all of the aspirin pills out of my aspirin bottle and filled it in with Xenical (a weight loss pill). Well not only did my headaches not go away, but I went from a healthy 185 lbs to a sickly looking 105 lbs. Mixing pills should be handled by professionals.


Actually, I've never seen the show. But the review above from amazon makes me want to watch it.



Definateley worth it- I thought that comment you found on the interent was great as well.

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