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August 28, 2004



Sounds like you had a good time. Similar to when I visited you, it is always a lot different experience when you have friends/chaperones in a city you visit. More enjoyable I would imagine. I had a similar experience in Munich when Tracy brought us to festivals and areas of Munich normal tourists would not have the ability or knowledge to see. Glad you had fun.


You make me sound like a midget!!

I think Korea is about 30% Christian and 30% Buddhist (give or take 5%), with the rest generally without a stated religion. There is also a very old Shamanistic tradition that lives on in Korea, and there are so many thousand female shamans that are still employed to bless new businesses etc, communicating with spirits and dancing a lot (so I read) - but hold only a low position in society. There are a number of minor relgions which are frequently a mix of philosophies - some of them might be considered religious cults (remember the Moonies?? - the Rev Moon is still going apparently - as much rich industrialist as religious leader according to my guide book).


I stand corrected on the religion aspect, I remeber we talked about it, but you who really cares about accuracy anyway-look at Bush-WMD? Saddam-Bin Laden in cahoots? Arnie seeing Russian tanks in Austria?

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