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July 24, 2004



hello there ... maybe you've gotten this a lot, but I find your blog title very interesting .... coz it's exactly the same as the title of the movie which Sofia Coppola wrote the screenplay for, and won her an Oscar .... have you, in some way, inspired her to write that screenplay, or is this actually a title of a book? Coz I haven't read all the books in the world ....


Hi Nekojue, to be honest it was a coincidence. I named the title after the idea that sometimes something is lost in translation, I know this the more I study Japanese. If I watch a movie I think the translation in Japanese is funny and there are some Japanese words that seem impossible to translate-how do you translate yoroshiku? So not long after I named my blog I heard about the movie, which I really liked. Guzen de, it was a coincidence-maybe I'll be sued later I don't know.

lou ford

what's with the centigrade? 38, 39. that makes it sound like it's freezing cold there.


I'm surprised that you're the first to call me on that, 39.5 C is 103 degrees F, I was going to add that but forgot!


Did you guys know that -40 Centigrade and -40 Fareinheit are the same temp. Look at a thermometer. Figure that one out. That's the only temerature scale trivia I know.

Dad & Mom

WE're glad somebody asked about the centigrade because We did'nt know what that was in fareinheit. Brutal with humiidity.

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