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May 26, 2004



email visaya - he'll know what to do while your at it ask him about his fm transmitter that allows him to listen to his ipod in any car or on any clock radio. sweet.


Yeah iPod acessories are cool. I've got portable speakers and a back up battery pack. It's all good.


Phatrick was correct. You can reset yr iPod yrself by holding down the [i think] play and menu buttons at the same time. but i guess you know that now.
btw: the iTrip attachment is a must at just $35 bucks.


Yeah I know how to do that, it was more complicated than that, it wouldn't reset, a file with an "!" showed up and I couldn't do anything with it, but the apple guy figured it out after some monkeying around. I wonder about the sound quality of your transmitter-how is it?


The itrip is Mono, I recommend the FM Stereo Podfreq.

I bought the itrip, didn't like the sound and found that it got a lot of interference and was underpowered. At least in my Audi A4 anyways.

The podfreq is awesome.

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