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December 17, 2003



This reminds me of something that I witnessed yesterday while riding on the Tobu line. There are signs saying people sitting/standing near the priority seats must shut off their mobile phones. Well this salaryman had his phone on (and not manner mode either) and he was sitting in a priority seat. His phone rang, and the lady sitting across from him started to scold him quite loudly (I was sitting about 10 metres away and was listening to my music). He kept on punching the keys on his phone, and the lady kept on nagging him. Finally after about 2 minutes, he nodded, and put the phone away. (At that moment I double checked that my phone was set to manner mode). I know I'd probably feel like him if I was in his shoes, but the lady had a valid point. Afterwards, one of the other passengers sitting next to the lady (another youngish salaryman) thanked her for telling the other guy off.

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