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December 11, 2003



kirei desu ne...


That is incredible..


that's gotta be faked.


Front-Page Article on Mt.Fuji in the NYTIMES:


That is a truly BIG cap cloud, a sign for rain.
With that umbrella, Mt. Fuji becomes Fuji-san.


The headmaster at my second junior high was a photographer, and he was particularly keen on pics of Fuji-san. He has similar ones where there's a small patch of cloud sitting on top of the summit, as though it is wearing a white fur hat. I have to say though that this is a very good picture too... It looks like someone is throwing a circular sheet over the mountain - a bit like that artist who covered large things in material of some kind.


Does anyone know the original (real) photographer's name or copyright source for the Fuji cap cloud photo?

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