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October 22, 2003


Ray Lee

Jesus and Mary Chain is necessary, especially Psychocandy and Darklands. Barbed Wire Kisses is really cool too. That sounds like a really good collection. I think I have all of the tracks on the individual albums...or are there bonus tracks? I'll check it out.

Most recent purchases: Massive Attack, Jane's Addiction, Radiohead. Yeah, I realize I'm still listening to the same bands that I have for years, but I personally don't like too much else out there. Educate me, Mr. McCoy...


I don't know if you need 21 Singles, becaue there's only one new song "Some Candy Talking" (which is really cool by the way), and there are cool songs from albums like Automatic, Honey's Dead, Stoned and Dethroned, Sound Of Speed, and Munki that are worth having, but not sure if you have them.

Actually, I haven't really been getting into a lot of new stuff either. Recently been discovering and re-discovering some bands like new wave Bowie, Blur, Stephen Malkmus solo stuff (espeically the first one-which is kind of Lou reedesque), alternative country stuff like Nico Case/Calexico/Old 97s/Jayhawks/Ryan Adams/Wilco (not sure it that's up your alley), and lately have been really digging Luna, White Stripes, The Flaming Lips, Ash, and The Strokes. I also got the last Massive Attack, but it's not as good as the brillant Mezzanine. Maybe that gives you some ideas.

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